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Thinking Higher

In my work I get to see the real wake of human behavior inside organizations, teams and families. When I or our GiANT’s meet with leaders, we get real, and we get to the point of the trajectory caused by immaturity and or maturity. One of the issues that I see consistently is the issue of […]

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5 Gears Quiz: Are You Stuck in 4th Gear?

There’s a old saying I’m sure you’ve heard: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All-work Jack is a fun sponge. If he’s not working on a deadline, he’s preparing for the next one. When he’s home, his wife and kids can’t get his attention very often because he’s always on to […]

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Don’t Forget Your Purpose

Each of us was made for something more; designed for a specific role. Know it. Play it. Some of you are caregivers; be the best you can be. Some of you are champions of structure and systems; own the stewardship with vigor. A few of you carry the ideas that change the world; keep fighting […]

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What Gear Are You In?

Today is a big day. After working countless hours to write something that would convey an idea that could transform busy adults lives, impact marriages, teams and kids, the 5 Gears book goes National (Global really) today. This concept teaches all of us how to be present and productive when there is never enough time. […]

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How to Be Present this Weekend

In the United States we are celebrating Labor Day weekend, usually by noon on Friday through Monday. It is really a celebration of a day off as many people will frequent lakes or second homes or go see movies or have bbq picnics and more. While everyone might celebrate it a bit differently, there is […]

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5 Ways to Improve Your Connectivity

Why is connecting to someone we love and respect so difficult for many people? Is it because of the task domination of our jobs or the amount of entertainment that distracts or simply an inadequacy of the individual? Bonded or connecting to someone important should be something we desire and want. The sheer act usually […]

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When Grown Men Cry

I want to share a really crazy (and encouraging) 5 Gears story that happened just a few days ago. If you signed up for the 5 Gears Free Video series, then you saw this story earlier, but it’s too good not to share on my blog. One of my close friends, Kevin (@KevinDeShazo) was flying […]

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Are You Disconnecting? This will help.

Your ability to connect with others has a direct impact on your level of influence. Period. But when you look around, disconnection happens all the time: The busy CEO who never has time for his or her family. The colleague you try to get to know but you can never seem to go below surface-level. Your friend […]

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The Secret to Getting Good at Change

Transition. That is the word – the one word that every leader must master to become good at change. Handling transition well. Treating transition with intentionality. Speaking about it often. Helping teammates and family deal with change appropriately. Getting in and out of transition with fluidity. The great leaders see the future a bit ahead […]

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Act Like You Belong

Recently, I met a young man who had wanted to meet me for a long time. When I introduced myself to him he froze and couldn’t get the words out. Later that afternoon I received a text saying how bad he felt about our meeting and asked for another time to get together. I shared […]

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