The week was long. The stress isn’t leaving. Your co-workers are driving you nuts. While you are busy, you are bored – work is not doing it for you.

If you feel any of these then I would ask you to think about re-recharging your batteries this weekend. That means that if you have gotten to the place where your battery seems to get diminished more quickly than normal during the day or week to the point of a complete shut down then you need help. What you are currently doing to recharge your batteries is not working.

To re-recharge your battery you may need to change up the pace or the activity. Here are some ideas for you to consider going in to the weekend.

Re-recharging if you are an Extrovert:

  • Call an old friend out of the blue and just chat. Remind each other of some funny stories, tell them how much you appreciate them and just shoot the breeze. And/or…
  • Find a few friends or another couple and do an impromptu road trip. Find a funny landmark with a restaurant close by and go have an adventure. My wife and I once took a road trip with other friends to one of the places I have lived to create a great memory with funny stories.
  • Find someone that is in a tough place and invite them over for a surprise party for them. By giving yourself away you will find so much joy. And/or…
  • Get the guts to find someone hurting on the street or in the shelter and bring them a meal or a goodie bag. And/or…
  • Do a marathon movie session with some close friends. Mix it up with a classic, a funny movie and an inspirational drama. Theme it and away you go.

Spice up life a bit with friends and watch your battery recharge significantly.

Re-recharging if you are an Introvert.

  • Plan a Saturday morning hike/walk/run to a special location. Make a new playlist for inspiration for the journey. And/or…
  • Take someone special to a unique brunch spot. Make a list of things you appreciate about them and share it in a creative way. Watch their reaction. And/or…
  • Plan a date night out with someone you love or with close friends. Plan out all the details and surprise them. Sometimes when you are down it helps to do something for others. And/or…
  • Write a letter to your parents or friends that live far away. Be specific in the letter, encouraging them in who they are.  And/or…
  • Clean out that office or kitchen or garage. Do a project where you can see progress. Not too long, but enough to see a difference.  And/or…
  • Plan a fun trip for a future date. Think through all the details and maybe bounce the ideas off of another person.

Be intentional about living. Bring in some music. Connect with God. Reach out to friends. Have some fun.

Re-recharging is vital. It is more than the normal hours of sleep or brief bit of exercise.

Friends, let’s fight to stay alive. When we are dying it affects those around us. When we are alive others come alive as well.

For you always,


Build It

You have thought about it for years – over and over. That idea that has almost plagued you. You know it works, but you just “haven’t had the time” to see it to fruition. Its time.

Build it. Build out the model, the scope, the concept or the financials. While you are “waiting” in your current job or season take the time to build it out. Turn the TV off and build one spreadsheet one night, the business model for another few nights. Make the most of your time while you can. Do what only you can do now.

Unless you can’t. Sometimes the idea is so big and so sprawling that you need significant time to build it. In that case create a deadline and run towards that date.

I have an idea that has plagued me for 7 years. It is bigger than me. When I try to explain it I get the “that’s cool” and yet I know how complex it is. So I pick a deadline, which is October 15th and I move towards the idea each year with my Evernote open and filled with updates on an idea that could change the way people communicate appreciation and I decide whether it is time to build it OR create another deadline for the next year. I do this so the idea is organized and in front of me, rather than pressuring me from behind.

The thing is, I am always building it in my mind. I just created a system that pushed me to do something about it or wait another year. In the meantime I have normally created 1-3 new things that year that are winners and I begin building those things while knowing I have a big idea in the future.

What are you waiting for? A check or some funding from some source? Or maybe a push from a spouse or a good friend?

Use the wasted space to build proactively. Prove to yourself whether your idea is worth it by building it in your garage or in your study to yourself. People usually listen to something when they see it. If an idea only stays in your head then it can plague you and cause you to become passive aggressive and a bit arrogant that you know something others don’t, even though they will never see it.

Seize the time, pick up your tools and start to Build It.

Increase Your ABILITY to Connect

How many people do you know that connect brilliantly with other people, almost effortlessly? 4, 5, 10?

Now, How many people do you know that absolutely have zero emotional intelligence and can connect with people to save their life? 10, 20, 30?

As a culture we still celebrate IQ, the competency of a person intellectually. SAT scores, academic certifications and specialized awards and achievements. And yet, I have experienced that the smarter you are doesn’t mean that you are equally successful in business or life. In fact, it seems to me that the higher the IQ the more ineffective people are in connectivity and social influence.

Because my work is to speak, write and work with business leaders I get to hear the craziest stories about social miscues in business and life. The guy who said the oddest thing at the wrong time or the lady who has no idea she is losing influence because she doesn’t know when to shift to a different level of conversation and wears everyone out. Emotional Intelligence is the missing element in many cases. To connect well is both an art and science. It is the ABILITY a person has to understand, emotively connect and add value to those you are conversing with. This ability is something that can be learned, but only through intentional effort, like running a marathon or losing wait, etc.

Do you need to improve your ABILITY to connect with others? If so here are some areas to think about in doing just that.

1. Know Your Setting. There are right and wrong settings to have specific conversations. A discussion about your latest Quarterly P&L is not the best conversation starter around the dinner table with your children.  In the same vein, being bored stiff in a social setting with friends is completely inappropriate just because the conversation isn’t around business or your particular interest. There is a time for everything. My next book, written this fall, speaks specifically about this art and science of knowing your settings and communicating appropriately.

2. Become Aware to Connect Well. Most people don’t think about it. They just do their thing, which is mostly doing. Instead of wondering why so and so was distant or why your friend was awkward, look in a mirror and ask yourself how approachable you are. To improve your ability to connect better with others is actually the process of becoming self-aware and leading yourself in your behaviour and communication.

3. Practice. Be curious. Learn to be more interested in others rather than ready to share your thoughts. Practice connecting well with your family, with your co-workers or boss and with your neighbors or others in your community. Practice in the way you communicate and the timing of when you communicate. Observe your tone of your voice and your body language as well. You can improve if you try.

When you improve your ABILITY to connect you increase your influence.

People like to be around people they like. Likability creates chemistry that leads you down the road of influence and significance. Let’s go after it together – improving our ability to connect with others. When we do we will notice a peace of mind that comes when you are rightly connected with those in your everyday world.

Let’s BE Different

Turn up the volume on this blog post as you read this. Shake yourself, wake yourself and hear the heart behind this.

Let’s be different! Let’s go above and beyond what most tend to do. Let’s lead differently than the normal dominating style of leadership that uses loud voices with no positive action to build others up. Let’s go beyond all the typical dead leadership to awaken people to higher standards – larger goals.

Let’s awaken our souls to awaken the souls of those we lead.

Let’s fight for those who can’t fight for themselves, but then teach them how to fight for the highest possible good of others as well.

Let’s learn to liberate others by supporting them and challenging them to be free in who they are meant to be.

Let’s speak the truth in love. Truth and Love. Speak life into others!

Let’s choose to be learners, responsible for our growth and those around us.

Let’s choose not to gossip, spread malice or slander, but build – build others up to higher levels.

Let’s CHOOSE to BE Different.

We spend far to much time following the lifeless, demeaning, insecure leaders. Be the example, change the rules. Liberate.

Don’t judge, but instead inspire others to a higher example. It starts in yourself. When others see you leading yourself they will ask what it is that is within you. Tell them. Show them.

Today, Let’s choose to be for others what we would want for ourselves. Let’s be consistent, life-giving, transformational world-changers!

Manage the Sub-Cultures or Lose the Entire Culture

Most of our time at GiANT is spent helping organizations radically accelerate the health of their cultures. The way we do it is through apprenticeship and impacting 90% of the organization not just the top 15%. And yet, we continue to observe something that is global and true – sub-cultures can often control the entire culture if not careful.

Take Manhattan for example. The culture of the big apple is actually the culmination of its sub-cultures. The sub-cultures of Wall Street and Harlem are mixed with the sub-cultures of Tribeca and Times Square. The mish-mash of countries, religions, and socio-economic realities create the overall culture of Manhattan. However, if one sub-culture becomes a bit overbearing or out of line it can cause disruption and mayhem to the entire culture of the city. The sub-cultures are meant to exist, but not to dominate.

Take the same illustration inside your organization. Are there any sub-cultures that are dominated the whole of the organization? Is there a department that is trying to be the alpha male of the company? Or is there an individual that is clearly out of line and dominating the flow of work or efficiency of a department because of their ego? These sub-cultures or dominant people are not meant to rule the entire culture, but rather play their role in the growth and health of the entire organization.

If you are the leader of the organization then it is your responsibility to support and challenge each sub-culture as you move together for the greater good of the whole. If someone is out of line then it is your role to get them either moving in the right direction or moving out the door. Liberating leaders challenge people to the standards, called values, and the vision of the organization. Liberators also support.

Sometimes, culture clashes occur because people are not supported correctly.

Other times, culture clashes need to be addressed head on with proper challenge.

Please hear this very important message:

Sub-cultures are not meant to dominate the entire culture, but rather help the organization to grow for the good of everyone.

If your culture is out of control then it is up to you to lean in and deal with the situation with clarity, challenge and proper perspective. I didn’t do this well over the past 8 years as I allowed a sub-culture to dominate the whole because of one person and my abdication to them. It has taken me years to figure out how important this issue is.

If you desire to build a healthy culture then you must lead.

If you want to become a leader worth following then you must challenge people appropriately to the higher calling.

If you want to lead an organization that everyone wants to work for then it is imperative that you set the tone and create a culture that celebrates sub-cultures but does not allow them to lead the entire team.

Fight for the highest possible good in others and lead where most don’t want to lead.

If You Need It

It’s Friday. The end of summer is upon us. For many the kids schools are starting and a new semester is here.

If you have kids then there is a lot of new to deal with. New clothes, new supplies, new classes or schools. Even if you don’t have children then the feel of fall brings and the start of September tend to feel like a new season. As I sit and I write this from London there is a nip in the air that feels like Autumn is coming soon.

And yet, still, for some of you nothing feels new. If, today, you feel lifeless, hopeless and just spent then this post is for you. If you are full of hatred or animosity or you sit here reading this with a lifeless stare, then this is for you.

What is happening in your world? What is causing you to feel the way you do? Is it a relational breakdown? Frustration with your own behaviour? or maybe just tired of your work and life? If this is you then let’s do something that might bring hope.

First, I want you to take out a single piece of paper to write down your emotions/thoughts/feelings. It may be one big phrase like, “I HATE MY JOB” or it could be a small font that reads, ” i am lonely.” Whatever it is write it down. You may have three things. Whatever it is, just write it down.

Second, think through your insecurities that this is touching and write next to those phrases. For instance, if you wrote “Relational Breakdown” then the words might be “I feel rejected” or “I am frustrated with the way I treat them”. Just doodle next to the phrase any of your thoughts associated with that issue. Get it all out.

The goal is for you to get what is inside out on a piece of paper. When fear is addressed you can deal with it more effectively. When it is stuck inside it can become a cancer, literally. When you make a list then it comes out into the light and has less control over you.

Now, take the peace of paper and turn it over. On that clear page list what you want to see or would like to happen. It may read something like, “I want to be closer to my wife” or “I just want to be free from my addictions” or “I want peace in my heart.” Begin to write words that you hope for. Write down your dreams and my desires. Write as many as you want. Fill up this new side of the paper with hope. Hope is to believe in something you don’t see yet. Cover over the other side of the paper with the things you desire to happen.

If at all possible say a prayer for the other side. Pray for peace over the frustration. Ask for help, guidance and hope in the relational breakdowns or the anger towards someone. Give that situation up. When you have finished that then pray for the things you hope for. Ask for it as a gift.  This Friday, could you begin hoping again? Could you begin looking at the bad side with hope? What might happen if you pray for those people or situations today? How would you feel if you began to feel hope again and began to be grateful for what you do have?

There is an amazing prayer found in Romans 15:13. It is yours this Friday.

“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may OVERFLOW with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.” I emphasised the word for you today – Overflow. That you may overflow with hope.

Today, this Friday, may you be full of hope and joy and peace. I encourage you not to allow the things that kill you to control and own you today. Don’t limp into the weekend with despair, but take hold of the hand of hope and begin to deal with the things in strength and encouragement.

I know this is different than most posts I share, but this is meant to encourage anyone who needs some hope and some joy and maybe some new perspective. Pass this on to anyone who might be in that state.

For you always,



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