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Careful the Bitter Root

A root is a part of the body of a plant anchoring the plant and absorbing nutrients and moisture. The ideal role of the root is to be the supply channel to the plant.  A bitter root brings up toxins that are down deep in the soil, which then poisons the plant. In the same way, human beings have […]

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Heart Goal

What if one of your goals for the year was to keep your heart from becoming hard?   Some people grow softer with age, enjoying the changes of seasons and rolling with the punches that inevitably appear in the every day circumstances of life. Other people grow more bitter and cynical. The pain of the last […]

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Anticipating Change

Is it possible to anticipate change as you stare into the next season of life? I think it is. Anticipation is basically proactive thinking – preparing for what might be around the bend. This preparation causes you to be aware and ready for changes and respond to them appropriately. Having the proper response to a […]

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2016 GiANT Guide to the New Year

Start 2016 Off Right “Before you lead others – you must first lead yourself.” Friends, We all have the potential to raise our leadership capacity. Being a leader doesn’t just happen at work, but it happens in every circle of influence: ourselves, our families, our teams, our organizations, and our communities. At GiANT, we work […]

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Practical Guide to End of Year Thinking

For the past several years I have taken a day to do something so tedious, yet therapeutic, that sets the tone for the next year. If you try it, I will guarantee you that it will help you make better decisions in the new year. Here is what I do – I review every single meeting […]

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  As we think, so we do. Lower thoughts lead to lower living. Higher thoughts lead to higher living. When I say higher, I don’t mean to presume that you are higher than other people or to think too highly of yourself. Rather, I mean for you to look above the clouds and not to […]

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Why Relational Intelligence Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Excerpt from a 5 Gears article written by Lisa Evans from Fast Company. Imagine you’re having coffee with a prospective client and the entire time you’re talking, you’re simultaneously replying to texts and emails. You’re talking to the client with your mouth, but your eyes are on your phone. You may think your solutions to […]

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The End and The Beginning

December is upon us. It’s the close of one year and the start of another. Both the season of life and type of business you are in typically determine the way you view this “year-end” time. For some, your year revolves around your kid’s calendars, so your new year truly begins in August/September when school starts. […]

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Thinking Higher

In my work I get to see the real wake of human behavior inside organizations, teams and families. When I or our GiANT’s meet with leaders, we get real, and we get to the point of the trajectory caused by immaturity and or maturity. One of the issues that I see consistently is the issue of […]

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5 Gears Quiz: Are You Stuck in 4th Gear?

There’s a old saying I’m sure you’ve heard: All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. All-work Jack is a fun sponge. If he’s not working on a deadline, he’s preparing for the next one. When he’s home, his wife and kids can’t get his attention very often because he’s always on to […]

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