Words Matter: Are Yours Divisive or Unifying?

Words are crucial. The can build people up or tear them down. As a leader, the words you choose matter. What you say is often amplified by your influence and helps to shape the culture of your organization.

There are two important categories of words for leaders to understand.
1. Divisive Words
2. Unifying Words

Let me give you an example of Divisive words:
• Conservative
• Liberal
• Executive
• Employees
• “You don’t get it do you?”

Basically, anything that labels or asks people to pick sides is a divisive word.

Here are examples of words that Unite:
• “Good job”
• Team
• Love
• “Thank you”

Words that unite are words that avoid labels and propel people towards working together.

Those who unite are liberators. Those who divide are manipulators and dominators.

The words you choose will help dictate which you will be.