Why Leaders Need to Develop a Connected Culture

I have the privilege to interact with and learn from a number of high caliber leaders on a regular basis. Michael Lee Stallard and Jason Panka are two great examples.

Michael and Jason are partners in E Pluribus Partners which provides advice about leadership and teams to increase employee engagement and employee retention. Michael and Jason are also the authors of Fired Up or Burned Out: How to Ignite Your Team’s Passion, Creativity, and Productivity.

I recently sat down for a discussion with them about leadership… how we, as leaders, can increase our engagement and be more “connected” in our organizations and with our teams so that we increase our influence and overall effectiveness. We chat about a number of practical insights, ideas and share a few real-life examples of how developing a “Connected Culture” can have significant results.

You can listen here via the audio player below (just click play).


To learn more about Michael and Jason, visit www.epluribuspartners.com. Read Michael’s blog at www.michaelleestallard.com.