• Discover Your Leadership Voice

    5 Voices

    How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead.
    At GiANT we believe every voice deserves to be heard. Everyone can add value. Most of the time, however, certain voices dominate the airwaves and don't create an environment for everyone to bring their best. With the power of the 5 Voices, you can finally understand 1) what your voice is, 2) what it's like to be on the other side of your leadership, and 3) how to value the voices of those around you. This is crucial for building a high-performing team and establishing healthy relationships in each circle of influence. Discover your voice and unlock your potential to influence others.

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Voices of Leadership is an exclusive conversation with a leading voice of leadership. I, along with our special guest, will discuss and share practical insights to help your leadership come alive! Guests will include bestselling authors, practitioners and respected authorities. You will have the ability to listen in and interact directly with us during each LIVE call.

Voices of Leadership is free for you, your team and anyone else who wants to become a better leader.

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Date: June 21
Time: 12:00pm until 12:45pm Eastern Time
Guests: Jeremie Kubicek with bestselling author Patrick Lencioni

This call is brought to you in part by Indiana Wesleyan University. Change your life. Change the world!

About Patrick Lencioni:
Pat serves as president of The Table Group, where he spends his time writing books and articles related to leadership and organizational life, speaking to audiences interested in those topics, and consulting to CEOs and their teams so that they can apply his principles in their organizations. In 2005, Pat started his POV program with the intention of sharing his models, ideas and insights around organizational life to his readers and clients.

Upcoming VOICES of LEADERSHIP call guests include:

  • Skip Pritchard with Ingram (date TBD)

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