The One Word That Will Improve Your Leadership Forever

It’s simply this:


Love is often one of those words rarely discussed around the leadership table but it needs to be more often. I’m not talking about love in the sense of a feeling, I’m talking about how we treat those who we lead. It’s about how we care, encourage, support and empower those around us and it matters… a lot. You see, truly effective leaders understand this concept and they live it out at work and at home every day.

That’s why I am excited about the release of Love Works: Seven Timeless Principles for Effective Leaders by my friend Joel Manby, CEO and President of Herschend Family Entertainment (which operates many national theme parks such as Dollywood, Stone Mountian, and Silver Dollar City).

In the book, Joel, who you may have seen featured on the hit CBS reality-TV series Undercover Boss, shares how leaders at every level can harness the meaning of love, the verb, and improve their culture and bottom line. It is a practical and “how-to” guide for all leaders – whether you lead a company or a carpool.

The ideas Joel shares aren’t lofty concepts, they are proven strategies that have helped Joel and Herschend lead thousands of employees and see significant increases in business each year (even during the recession).

Love Works challenges leaders to allow integrity and faith to guide leadership decisions, outlining seven time-proven principles that break down the natural walls within corporate cultures, empowering managers and employees, disarming difficulties, and cultivating an atmosphere that builds long-term success.

I strongly encourage you to pick up a copy of Love Works for yourself and copies for your team. It is available now where books are sold. Learn more, watch video and access a free chapter download at

“A must-read for leaders who care.” —Joe Kennedy, CEO and President, Pandora Radio

“A proven model for creating and sustaining a successful life and a successful organization.” —Dan T. Cathy, President & COO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.

Listen to an interview that Joel and I recently did for our Voices of Leadership series here.

Watch a video where Joel shares more of his leadership methods: