The Needed Nudge to the Absolute Dream

Most men and women die with their masterpiece in their heads.

Do you believe that?

Most people never get to their story or finish their project or launch their initiative or company for many different reasons.

The reasons are sometimes legit, but mostly overrated.

I just talked with one Uber driver who was working on a screenplay, but didn’t have time to finish because of how much driving there was.

Another woman I talked to mentioned she was jealous of the businesses I had started. She had one in her heart for years, but just couldn’t pull the trigger.

There is always something isn’t there?

  • “My kids,”
  • “My job!”
  • “The benefits,”
  • “My health”
  • And so on


In 2002, I almost lost my life. I was hit by a drunk driver, while in a hurricane in Mexico. My wife and I survived but not before surgery and several miracles. I almost lost my life, but I didn’t. I received another chance to fully live.

As a serial starter of new initiatives and business and enterprises and friendship, etc. I can state with confidence that there is never a good time to start a business or a new initiative – NEVER. There will always be something – some reason why you shouldn’t.

For some, you maybe shouldn’t. Maybe your idea is not vetted yet or truly capable of surviving. However, for those that have something special, but are sitting on it for various reasons it is time to overcome the very thing that is holding you back – your inhibition. Inhibition is you telling yourself that you can’t or shouldn’t. Enough with that way of thinking.

I don’t believe you are aware of what could be because of the overwhelming sense of what is. So allow what could be to take root and explore more heavily the ideas that stoke the fires and blow the wind in your sails.

Just a little nudge to those that needed it.