The Importance of Supply Lines for Leaders

If you have ever studied the history of military expansion you will notice the emphasis by the good military strategist’s on supply lines. Without fuel, food, clothing, and personnel there is no long-term significant traction on the front lines.

The same is true in a product launch for any company. If the supply lines of customer service, technical support or project management is not in place, a product may have a short shelf life.

Is the same true for people? Do we have a supply line? Again, to feed an army you need fuel, food and more. To feed a leader or rather, yourself, you need what?

What feeds your soul?
What feeds your mind?
What supplies do you need for your role?

Ask Napoleon or Alexander the Great how important supply lines were to them. Take a look at what Eisenhower was doing across Europe in supplying the allied advances against the axis powers.

Now, I am asking you. What supplies do you need? Are any of your supply lines broken or cut off?

For me, I realized that I need energy, a positive mental outlook, encouragement from some select friends, a connection to my priorities (God, my wife, and kids). This is my supply line so I need to be cognizant of my daily flow.

For that reason I get up early to start my day right with prayer, reading and perspective. I spend time with my wife and kids as a cohesive unit. If I am honest as of today I could use some more energy so I am refocusing on my exercise plan and being more intentional with a few friends.

Supply lines make or break advancements and new products and leaders. Do not out pace your supply lines. You will not go far beyond your resources.