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The Effect of Culture and Environment on Preference and Creativity

The “Oughts and Shoulds” of Culture Today’s fifth, and second-to-last, post in the ongoing “S” vs. “N” series will focus on the impact of cultural expectations on Sensors and Intuitives. We’ll also take a quick detour towards the end to explore how physical environment and art affect Sensors and Intuitives differently. For those of you […]

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Voices of Leadership with Patrick Lencioni on June 21

Join me and Patrick Lencioni on Thursday, June 21 from 12:00pm – 12:45pm Eastern for a free VOICES of LEADERSHIP teleseminar.

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VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Keith Wilmot, VP of IGNITOR at Coca-Cola

Join me for the next VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with guest Keith Wilmot (VP of Insights, Ideas and Creativity at Coca-Cola) on Wednesday, March 14 at Noon Eastern Time…

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Replay: Tim Sanders on VOICES of LEADERSHIP

Listen to a recording / replay of the VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with Jeremie Kubicek and bestselling author Tim Sanders. Tim shares several powerful lessons on leadership, developing a possibility mindset and more.

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How To Get Employees To Take Pride In Their Job

A few weeks ago someone submitted the following question for our VOICES of LEADERSHIP teleseminar with Dr. Henry Cloud:

“How do I get employees to take as much pride in their job as I have in mine?”

The simple answer is Engagement. The hard part is actually getting people engaged…

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VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Tim Sanders

Join me for the next VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with guest Tim Sanders on Wednesday, February 15 at Noon Eastern Time. The call is LIVE and free of charge.

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