4 Ways to Get Your Team on the Same Page

Anyone out there trying to get a group of people moving in the same direction? It’s hard, isn’t it? When it comes down to it, there are only a few seasons in the life of a company where an entire team is aligned and moving in the same direction. Few leaders are able to do […]

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Responsive Leadership Breeds Respect

Responsive Leadership Breeds Respect If you were to ask 100 leaders, “What is the most important quality in a colleague, employee, or boss?” you would probably get 100 different answers. At GiANT, however, we have found the answer to be much simpler. Throughout our work around the world and dealing with all kinds of people, […]

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Life and Leadership Perspective: Roles and Talent

In this 3 minute video perspective I talk about our roles, talents and gifts within our organizations. When you understand these components your leadership and the effectiveness of your team will increase. It’s that simple.

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The 2 Directions of Trust

Trust is the foundational glue of any relationship, partnership or business.

Good leaders teach younger leaders and / or children to become trustworthy – able to be trusted. We call that integrity or high character. All of this is good, in fact we need more of it.

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Culture as Atmosphere

Atmosphere affects our breathing, which affects our living.

The same is true with organizational cultures – they are an atmosphere. Some cultures can choke some people in a matter of minutes. Other cultures tend to kill people over months or years, but definitely harm an employees well-being. Others still, are free and clear and produce effective, long-term health.

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Why Self-Preservation is Dangerous for Leaders

Self-preservation occurs when you obsess on protecting the things you are afraid of losing. Your job, your authority, your salary, your bonus or your insurance are just a few examples. The problem occurs when this obsession to protect and retain begins to block us from what we give and how we lead. If you are […]

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