4 Ways to Get Your Team on the Same Page

Anyone out there trying to get a group of people moving in the same direction? It’s hard, isn’t it? When it comes down to it, there are only a few seasons in the life of a company where an entire team is aligned and moving in the same direction. Few leaders are able to do […]

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Responsive Leadership Breeds Respect

Responsive Leadership Breeds Respect If you were to ask 100 leaders, “What is the most important quality in a colleague, employee, or boss?” you would probably get 100 different answers. At GiANT, however, we have found the answer to be much simpler. Throughout our work around the world and dealing with all kinds of people, […]

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Whole-Hearted vs. Half-Hearted

The role of the leader is to create an overall atmosphere in the culture that invited people to go deep and to be who they are meant to be. Lean in, set the tone with your example. Go deeper and press for a whole-hearted culture.

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Team Member Growth: Part 2 – How They Learn

When you begin to truly know your teammates you will begin to get interested in the things that help them grow as leaders and people. Learning how they learn is one aspect of this process.

Understanding how people learn could change the way communication happens or how teams work together more effectively.

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Team Member Growth: Part 1 – Living Well

“To know your team is the first stage of leading your team.”

When it comes to those you work with or those you lead it is important to know them well in order for good team growth to occur. So how do you help others on your team grow?

I believe it is first important to understand how people are living. Every one of us has a personal life that affects our work life, whether good or bad. Therefore, when we know how others…

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REPLAY: VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Patrick Lencioni

Last week I hosted our VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with guest Patrick Lencioni. It was an outstanding conversation packed full of insights on leadership, humility, mission and performance, guarding the heart of a leader, what makes a person (organization and team) great, and much more.

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