Finding Your Peace: People, Place, and Purpose

How at Peace are You? This might sound like an odd question to some, but how much peace do you have in your life right now? How content are your heart and mind with the various aspects of life and routine at the moment? What if there was a way to do a quick self-assessment […]

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Trade Up for Success: How to Set Yourself Up for a Better Tomorrow

Have you ever heard an athlete say something like this after a dismal performance: “I didn’t have the right mindset today. I just wasn’t ready, so I didn’t play well.” Upon hearing that, some of us watching at home might think, “Really? It’s your job, and you have had all week to prepare! How could […]

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The Cost of a Hardened Heart

An Important Conversation  These days, there’s a lot of conversation in the workplace around the idea of hard skills vs. soft skills. Various camps adamantly defend the virtues of technical excellence or emotional intelligence, but the truth is, both are incredibly important. In this article, however, we’re going to dive into a topic that, while […]

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Dealing with Pride & Pressure

Pressure is directly related to pride. And so the opposite is true – Humility & Peace are joined at the hip. Release your pressure – give up your pride.

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Giving Up Your Rights to Be Right – The Power of an Apology

When you give up your rights to be right and simply apologize for your actions you will gain an inner peace that comes with humility.

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Why Bitterness is Like a Cancer to Leaders

Bitterness is like cancer. It is destructive in its core. When bitterness starts… it spreads and begins to affect a person at the heart level, which pours over into physical issues, relational strain and personal destruction.

Just like cancer, bitterness has different types and levels. While…

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