3 Thoughts Every Leader Must Master

If you want to be a good manager for your team, you must first learn to be a good manager of yourself. No matter what you think you can do through force of will, you can’t bring your best if you don’t put yourself in a position to be the healthiest version of you. It’s […]

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Work ON Your Business, Not IN It: 3 Questions to Spur Growth

Do you really want to grow your organization? If so, do you know where to focus your energy, and are you doing it? By default, most business owners and leaders will answer yes to the first question, but come up with a variety of answers for the second one. And while the desire may truly […]

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Take Back Control of Your Time

A Word About Time How many of us wish we had more time in our day? Most likely, the majority of people reading this post would jump at the chance to add a few more hours of “cushion time” to get everything done. That’s why time management is so crucial, and yet, as hard as […]

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VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Keith Wilmot, VP of IGNITOR at Coca-Cola

Join me for the next VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with guest Keith Wilmot (VP of Insights, Ideas and Creativity at Coca-Cola) on Wednesday, March 14 at Noon Eastern Time…

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Replay: VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Dr. Henry Cloud

Below is a recording replay of the VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with Dr. Henry Cloud.

Feel free to share this replay with others and leave a comment on what ideas you took away from this conversation that Henry and I had.

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Replay: VOICES of LEADERSHIP with Seth Godin

Here is a recording of the VOICES of LEADERSHIP call with Seth Godin.

I thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Seth and our stimulating conversation on leadership as well as his views on the future of publishing, educational reform, making a difference and more. I hope you too will find value in the insights we shared.

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