Making Your Leadership Come Alive

This is a professional development program designed to help your leaders understand how to maximize their influence and what causes them to sabotage themselves. Through humor and real-life stories, the leaders will be inspired and challenged to become intentional in their leadership as they focus on becoming alive again. This crowd pleasing keynote comes froe Jeremie’s WSJ best-selling book.

This is a professional development program that will take your team members to a completely new level of leadership and thinking about their influence.

Overcoming the Wall of Self-Preservation

Millions of American’s have limited themselves because of the fear of losing. This fear drives them to behave in ways that actually undermines their influence. This keynote allows leaders to look in a mirror and answer the questions: What are you trying to prove, What are you afraid of losing and What are you trying to hide? When you overprotect what you are afraid of losing you will lose it sooner.

Maximizing Influence

Most leaders don’t take the time to think about why they either have influence or why they don’t. This keynote is designed to take a leader through the basic flow of influence to reveal opportunities for growth in very practical and inspiring ways. The leader will see in applicable ways how to stop minimizing their influence and learn how to be for others in an appropriate way.

Relationship Before Opportunity

Because of the pressures of work, budgets and deadlines, many leaders choose transaction instead of relationship. This style might gain short term, but will undermine the influence of leader over the long haul and lower their respect. This keynote highlights practical ways to build relationships when there is never enough time. This style of leadership produces a competitive advantage.

Communicating Like an Influencer

This keynote is designed to help people’s leadership come alive. Communication is a key part of that. Together we will explore ways to stop sabotaging influence via communication. This is a practical end to a powerful keynote.