How to Be Intentional with Your Family this Weekend, Even When You Do Not Feel Like It

It’s Friday. Yes. And, most of us are tired after working hard or getting the kids ready for school or coming back from vacation, etc. While all of you might not have families, you can apply this to anyone important in your life.

You have a choice this weekend:
A. You can meander into the weekend and just let things happen (run some errands, eat out and veg in front of the TV) or
B. You can intentionally plan 1, 2 or 3 things that make the weekend memorable.

Leaders are intentional. If you fit the leader category then I recommend B in this case. Here are 3 easy ways you can be intentional.

  1. Ask those in your life what they need at this point in time. That might be time alone, time with you or others. Use the answer to get creative.
  2. Ask yourself what you need to fully recharge by next Monday. Build that in to your schedule if possible.
  3. Write down how you want to feel on Monday and work backwards. I often do this so that by Sunday night you can look back and know that you were strategic with your time.

I am not advocating planning out every minute of the weekend. I am simply saying that 2-3 intentional moments can change the game with families. So, based on the three points above build out a simple plan. Decide if you want to surprise your family or tell them and then execute it. I often find that when I tell them it keeps me accountable. Oh, and it might be best to discuss with your spouse before you mention to the kids (first hand experience there). : )

For those of you who are not seeing the concrete ideas flowing in your minds, let me give you some possible ways to be intentional:

  • Make your families favorite breakfast on Saturday or Sunday with a note to each family member.
  • Take one of your children out on a date or time together with just the two of you.
  • Ask your spouse what they need to do to get completely recharged and then help that happen if possible.
  • Do something you would never do just for fun. I recently played DJ in my house for a house party for the kids for instance.

It’s the little things that create memories and show your family that you are connected and plugged in. [Tweet That]

Be intentional in the little things and the big issues will stay away.

Neglect the little things and you will wake up dealing with much great issues.