Heart Goal

What if one of your goals for the year was to keep your heart from becoming hard?


Some people grow softer with age, enjoying the changes of seasons and rolling with the punches that inevitably appear in the every day circumstances of life.

Other people grow more bitter and cynical. The pain of the last let down casts a shadow on the potential hope of the new. The heart becomes hard. The pain becomes seared in the memory so deeply that any potential new opportunity is mitigated.

To keep your heart softened is to believe the best in others – to fight for their highest possible good, no matter the outcome.

To keep your heart hardened is to do nothing intentional, but rather to just keep taking the hits and talking to your head about why this person should have done this or why that opportunity should have happened in a certain way, but didn’t.

The hardened heart becomes a protective shell that keeps the light out of the right areas and eventually causes a suffocation effect of the life that was once there. The hardening might protect for the short term, but it kills the soul in the long term.

To soften your heart means that you learn to become secure, confident and humble so that you can actually learn to live again. The best way to do that is deal with forgiveness, focus on others with consistency and connect w God in a real way.

A person with a softened heart leads to increased influence.

A person with a hardened heart drives everyone away.

You choose.