Careful the Bitter Root

A root is a part of the body of a plant anchoring the plant and absorbing nutrients and moisture. The ideal role of the root is to be the supply channel to the plant. 

A bitter root brings up toxins that are down deep in the soil, which then poisons the plant.

In the same way, human beings have roots that lead from within and feed our minds. Emotions could be seen as a form of a root. Our emotions take what is down deep and feed our minds in order to make decisions, whether rational or not.

Careful the bitter root. If for instance, you expect someone to treat you the way you treat them, but they do not oblige, then bitterness can come in.

Or, imagine having expectations that a family member has your back, but in a conversation with others they share information only meant to stay within the family. Bitterness is not far away.

Bitterness browns the water, infects the soul and leads the mind to scenarios of defensiveness, retribution and hatred. It all starts with missed expectations.

Most of us have an honor code. Some of us share that code. It is the code which says “do this and you show respect; do these things and you show disrespect.” Again, most people do not share their honor code. When other people violate their honor code, bitterness comes in the form of slander, malice or straight up anger. That is how turf wars begin.

Missed expectations are in essence, pre-meditated bitterness.

If you want to get over your bitterness then you must watch that your expectations are realistic and that you share what you expect from others with clarity and confidence.

If you don’t, then you are opening the door for the bitter root to bring up the toxins of hatred to your mind. When that happens you have set yourself up for the start of a cancer that will do nothing but kill your soul.

Careful the bitter root.