• Discover Your Leadership Voice

    5 Voices

    How to Communicate Effectively with Everyone You Lead.
    At GiANT we believe every voice deserves to be heard. Everyone can add value. Most of the time, however, certain voices dominate the airwaves and don't create an environment for everyone to bring their best. With the power of the 5 Voices, you can finally understand 1) what your voice is, 2) what it's like to be on the other side of your leadership, and 3) how to value the voices of those around you. This is crucial for building a high-performing team and establishing healthy relationships in each circle of influence. Discover your voice and unlock your potential to influence others.

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How to Cultivate Change in Those You Lead

Leadership means fighting for the highest possible good in the lives of those you lead. If this is the primary concern of leadership in relation to individual employees, then an important question to ask is, “How do people really change?” Since no one is perfect, it makes sense that every employee and leader will need […]

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What Being Credible Looks Like in Real Life

What Being Credible Looks Like in Real Life To be credible is to be competent. Most people, however, limit their understanding of competency to mean being smart, which is only partially true. The problem with simply being smart is that purely “smart” people have a tendency to know that they are smart and flaunt that […]

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Work ON Your Business, Not IN It: 3 Questions to Spur Growth

Do you really want to grow your organization? If so, do you know where to focus your energy, and are you doing it? By default, most business owners and leaders will answer yes to the first question, but come up with a variety of answers for the second one. And while the desire may truly […]

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The Key to Success: Relationship Before Opportunity

You may not think very often about the random strangers and passing acquaintances you encounter every day, but take a moment to think about them now: Who do you have frequent contact with on a daily or weekly basis? The couple who owns the dry cleaner down the street? The waiter/waitress at your favorite lunch […]

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Finding Your Peace: People, Place, and Purpose

How at Peace are You? This might sound like an odd question to some, but how much peace do you have in your life right now? How content are your heart and mind with the various aspects of life and routine at the moment? What if there was a way to do a quick self-assessment […]

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Trade Up for Success: How to Set Yourself Up for a Better Tomorrow

Have you ever heard an athlete say something like this after a dismal performance: “I didn’t have the right mindset today. I just wasn’t ready, so I didn’t play well.” Upon hearing that, some of us watching at home might think, “Really? It’s your job, and you have had all week to prepare! How could […]

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5 Benefits of Humility in Leadership

Have you noticed periods of your leadership that were less effective and satisfying than others? Have there been times when your trust among employees or the work environment you created seemed to suffer? Ask yourself, “what attitudes and actions defined my leadership during those times?” For many people, the root answer reaches all the way […]

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Humility vs. Pride: Why the Difference Will Make or Break Your Leadership

“True humility is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.” ― Rick Warren Many people confuse pride with confidence. Arrogance with assertiveness. An unwillingness to compromise with decisiveness. But here’s the real fact of leadership, borne out by countless studies and research on the effect of prideful vs. humble leadership: Humility […]

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8 Answers That Will Overhaul Your Leadership Culture

Do you want to see change this year? Would you like to improve the health of your organization and people? How about reducing turnover costs and improving efficiency? The Research If you answered yes to any of these questions, then a Columbia University study holds great insight and hope for you. A healthy, rich company […]

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Plotting a Course for the Future: 7 Ways to Lead Yourself Today

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.”  – Carl Jung As the founder of Jungian Typology and creator of 3 out of 4 Myers-Briggs preference sets, Carl Jung seems to know a little bit about how to make the unconscious conscious. But that doesn’t take […]

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