Becoming a Leader Worth Following

This is one of the most challenging programs that Jeremie gives. If you want to become a leader that others want to follow then it requires you to reorder the way you think and live. This professional development program will dive into personal mindset as well as practical applied learning.

Becoming a Leader Worth Following is challenging. Jeremie doesn’t back away from a tough challenge of looking at yourself in a mirror. However, his style is always mixed with personal stories of failure, humor and key insights that leaves the participant wanting more.

Reviewing Yourself to the Support/Challenge Matrix

There are four types of leaders in our world – Liberators, Dominators, Protectors and Abdicators. This keynote addresses not only the style of the leader, but the culture that they create. Leaders define culture. Jeremie will help you review your world and make appropriate adjustments.

Understanding the 5 Circles of Influence

Our influence is not limited solely to work. The problem with leadership today is that many leaders say one thing and do another. This presentation will highlight each persons personal influence with themselves, their family, their team, organization and community.

Want to Follow or Have to Follow?

Most employees around the world suffer from working for leaders that they have to follow because they need the job. Rarely do people get to work for leaders they want to follow. This can change. Jeremie helps leaders think about this and offers an alternative that is both healthy and productive.

The Key to Long Term Leadership Influence

Leaving a positive legacy should be something that leaders try to accomplish. We wrap up this keynote with an action plan that places an emphasis on consistency in the style of the leader.