Anticipating Change

Is it possible to anticipate change as you stare into the next season of life?

I think it is. Anticipation is basically proactive thinking – preparing for what might be around the bend. This preparation causes you to be aware and ready for changes and respond to them appropriately. Having the proper response to a real life situation causes you to be more effective in the moment of change and to manage your emotions properly instead of reactively.

Here is what I do to anticipate the changes that might come in the next season of life.

  1. Think about the big changes that will occur within the family. For instance, I have a senior daughter who is graduating and going to college this year, a son who will get his drivers license and my youngest daughter who will be in high school. That is a lot of change and so my wife and I are anticipating the timelines and talking about the emotions and the changes that will occur in a proactive conversation that will get us as prepared as possible.
  2. Understand where the organization or team is heading in this next season.  At GiANT, we are growing like crazy and so we are anticipating the need for even more excellence in our client service as we grow our client base overall.
  3. Know yourself to lead yourself. When you know your tendencies and patterns you can predict your actions. When you change your actions you change your consequences, which in the end, changes your reality. If you know what you will normally do when your daughter leaves for college you can begin leading yourself proactively into the right behavior versus the natural, predictive behavior.

Let me encourage you to anticipate your year. Think about what will probably occur based on the natural areas where your family or organization will change. Do that and your new year will have a better chance of being a great year.