5 Voices

Discover Your Voice, Build Your Team, Change Your World

The 5 Voices helps each team member begin to understand what it sounds like to be on the other side of themselves. They will not only discover the strength of their voice, but understand the other voices and how and why each voice drives them crazy. This keynote is designed to make leaders more healthy and productive.

The 5 Voices will take teams and leaders to a new level of communication and high performance. It is designed for groups of people, either teams or individuals to comprehend what it sounds like to be on the other side of them.

100X Teams

Most companies in America have dysfunctional teams. Lack of synergy, alignment and performance can be directly related to the lack of communication and understanding between each team. Jeremie creates a simple survey to drive leaders to understand their reality and move them to 100% health, while also teaching about the power of multiplication and how to build the bench.

Discovering Your Voice

Most leaders do not even know themselves and so they rarely lead themselves appropriately. This portion of the keynote helps leaders understand their voice order, whether they are a Pioneer, Connector, Guardian, Creative or Nurturer.

Become Powerful Communicators

Once you understand your voice order you can more effectively understand who is on your team. This keynote helps leaders learn how to communicate effectively to the other voices. It teaches Pioneers to know how to connect w Nurturers and Guardians for example and vice versa. Leaders come away from this practical keynote with key insights and personal growth.

Leading High-Performance Teams

The 5 Voices keynote wraps up with a practical action plan for building high-performance teams. Jeremie and his company, GiANT Worldwide, are known for their innovative tools. This session will highlight these with great takeaways and insights.