5 Gears

How to Be Present and Productive When There Is Never Enough Time

Jeremie describes how people can establish emotional intelligence through relational connectivity and by shifting your mindset. This keynote will discuss a better solution for Work/Life balance as well as provide solutions for team and family culture and personal growth. This keynote comes from the best-selling book, the 5 Gears.

This is a personal development program that will focus people on learning how to be well rounded by learning how to shift into the right gears at the right time. The focus is both on being present and productive, not one over the other.

How Connected Are You, Really?

Everyday, men and women tend to drive over one another in their attempt to manage work, home and life. Tensions, arguments, and drama lead to unproductivity at work and at home. This keynote is designed to put an end to this unproductive lifestyle by reframing people’s mindsets on how to be both present and productive.

Getting in Gear

There are 5 Gears that each of us need on a daily basis. The issue is that most people are in the wrong gear at the wrong time and don’t realize it. This keynote is designed to help leaders learn how to correctly shift up or down shift into the correct gears. It will also teach leaders how to teach those they lead and live with through a creative sign language.

Master Your Settings

Time is not the issue with Work/Life balance. It is our minds that need help. When we learn to manage our mindset and shift in the proper gear we can be connected to those we are with whether in task mode, social context or personal connection or recharge. This keynote will help you learn how to reset your days to be in the proper gears.

Becoming Intentional Instead of Accidental

This keynote is designed to help people’s leadership by teaching what intentional living looks like. The truth is that most leaders hope things happen, but put little time into actually making things happen. This keynote will teach what intentionality looks like for great leaders.