Thinking Higher - Jeremie Kubicek - Leadership


As we think, so we do. Lower thoughts lead to lower living. Higher thoughts lead to higher living. When I say higher, I don’t mean to presume that you are higher than other people or to think too highly of yourself. Rather, I mean for you to look above the clouds and not to get soaked by the rain of random circumstance or petty issues.

Over the past few weeks I have been working to create emotional self-control about how my mind thinks about things that I feel. Therefore, I am choosing to think higher about colleagues and partners and family and friends and… To think higher is choose to think the best, speak the best and believe the best. What about you? Do you need more emotional self-control?

Here are a few things that you can do to think higher in this season:

  1. Capture the negative thoughts. Literally grab them in your mind and write them on paper. It could be towards a situation or a person. Whatever it is, capture it, and do business with them. For me I have to pray about them and ask for wisdom. What I have found is that when I grab them they tend to have less power. Begin to think higher about them and watch their power dissipate. What would the higher road be in these situations, etc? Don’t be controlled by the circumstances but rather think how you could turn the negative into a positive.
  2. Begin to treat others at higher levels. Assuming the best in people, rather than assuming the worst changes the game. Try treating people as if they are above the issues. Choose to not except their drama and take the higher ground. I have been trying this and I have noticed that the conversations change. It is brilliant.
  3. Destroy worry and begin to believe the best. Months ago I was visiting our managing partner at GiANT Worldwide, Mike Oppedahl, in Albuquerque, NM. As I was contemplating the day I experienced God telling me to give him worry forever. I was like, “what did you just say?” My first response was, “there is no way I can do that,” which led to his response, “I know you can’t, but I can.” I went for 40 or so days without worry. It was amazing. I then made a change in my role and that title and role had worry attached to it and I went back below the clouds until this week. Now, I am back to the root of his command and have chosen to give up worry for the rest of my life, which sounds funny to write, but I am choosing to think higher.

Look, friends, I want the best for you. God is the ultimate Liberator. He is fighting for our highest possible good, but we have to participate by thinking higher thoughts.

  • Let’s stop getting tripped up by lower living.
  • Let’s begin thinking about a higher level of good for others.
  • Let’s destroy worry at the source.
  • Let’s begin believing in the right things.

This next season is for you to think higher, live higher and be free from the lower things. Think higher in your relationship with your spouse, kids, co-workers, family and community. Let’s get out of ourselves for a bit so that we can truly choose to give ourselves away for the good of the whole and get filled up in the process.

Thanks for your friendship and allowing me to be me to you.

Wishing you the very best in this season,