30 Days of GIVE

For the past 30 days I have intentionally focused on giving something of relevance and significance to others whom I encounter. With four days to go, I must say that I have been overwhelmed by the changes I have observed in myself.

The idea came from a good friend of mine, Dr. Rusty Ricketson. As he told me how it affected his life I thought I would give it a try. Here is what it has done for me this past month:

  1. It pulled me out of my self-absorbed shell.
  2. I have a more positive attitude as I have seen people respond with gratitude and appreciation.
  3. My perspective has been affected as I have thought less about me and more about others’ needs.
  4. I have received much more in return than anticipated or expected.
  5. It has made my days feel more impact driven.

Now, I am asking you to give it a try. Turn August into 30 days of give.

Start a new page in your journal with 30 calendar dates listed. At the end of each day list what you have done for others that day.

Get creative with your “gives.” Give your time, your attention, your energy, your money and your influence. Make it an everyday part of your life. Look to give patience and grace and mercy as well. 30 days of give is applicable for service station attendants, familymembers, employees, dry cleaners, etc. In short: everyone.

Here are a few examples of some things you can do that have worked for me.

  • Spent extra times with my kids helping them with a project.
  • Gave Tom tickets to an event he likes.
  • Bought dinner for the Davidson’s to help them have some time alone.
  • Took Sean to lunch to encourage him.
  • Helped Bob find…

You get the picture. 30 Days of Give. Set it in your calendar and have some fun. If you miss a day, make it up the next.

And remember: don’t tell the whole world while you are doing it. This is not about you, it is about them.