The Boomerang Effect: Be Interested Before Interesting

Developing Your “CORE” At GiANT, we develop our tools from a combination of research and our own first hand experience in failure. We’re committed enough to finding better ways of doing things that we’ll gladly highlight our failures in an effort to help others avoid them and at least make different mistakes than we have […]

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Why Relational Intelligence Gives You A Competitive Advantage

“Most of us focus on how much we know, but the ability to connect and be present in the midst of tasks is what sets leaders apart.”  – Fast Company article featuring GiANT Worldwide’s 5 Gears book The Rise of the Relational Economy In an age where information is free and global connectivity puts the […]

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Accidental vs. Intentional Leadership

The Leader We Should Strive to Become  This post is a follow up to a previous article titled “One Quality Every Great Leader Shares.” In it we discussed what it means to become a “leader worth following.” We call such leaders “Liberating Leaders,” and defined their unique qualifications as being someone who knows when to […]

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Why You’re Never Quite Done Growing

I used to think back in my youth that life was a series of “learn and grow” experiences – a finite list of things that I needed to recognize and overcome in order to become the best version of myself. It was almost as if there was this future moment I was working toward that, upon arrival, would signal that I was finished and that the rest of my life would largely be maintenance, not growth, after that point.

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The Benefits of Taking Your Kids on a Business Trip

My wife Kelly and I have three kids, Addison (14), Will (12) and Kate (10). As any good father would say, “they are amazing children.”

When we first had our kids and started subsequent businesses and ventures we discussed our priorities and shared our dreams on how to be intentional with our kids so they would know what we do and who we are. This was influenced by spending time with outstanding leaders like David Patillo in Atlanta and Lance Humphreys in OKC.

From these inspirational times we agreed to create intentional times with our kids around key ages. For instance…

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The Summer of Growth

You may not realize it but your summer will have a theme, whether you choose it or not. If you aren’t intentional about it, your summer theme might just be… • The Summer of Chilling Out and Waiting for the Fall. • The Summer of Unintentional Action and Tasks. • The Summer of Nothing Really. […]

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