3 Ways Leaders Undermine Their Work

Which internal tendencies are inhibiting your life right now? What insecurities or self-imposed sabotage are keeping you from being the healthiest, best version of you? Inhibition: 2 Sides of the Same Coin If you think about it, self-control and self-sabotage are two sides of the same coin we call “inhibition.” A healthy degree of “inhibition” […]

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Defining and Changing Leadership Culture

The one thing that I am noticing is that ‘culture’ is a BIG word. It sometimes feels and seems so BIG that people often miss that it’s the people that matter most in culture. People are the culture…

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Whole-Hearted vs. Half-Hearted

The role of the leader is to create an overall atmosphere in the culture that invited people to go deep and to be who they are meant to be. Lean in, set the tone with your example. Go deeper and press for a whole-hearted culture.

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Culture as Atmosphere

Atmosphere affects our breathing, which affects our living.

The same is true with organizational cultures – they are an atmosphere. Some cultures can choke some people in a matter of minutes. Other cultures tend to kill people over months or years, but definitely harm an employees well-being. Others still, are free and clear and produce effective, long-term health.

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4 Things Never to Say to Those You Lead

1. “I told you how to do it. Why won’t you listen to me?” – There is nothing more demeaning than to feel like a little kid at work. 2. “If I need you to know I will tell you.” – This is a power play of someone who doesn’t like to share power. This […]

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What Makes us Secure and Insecure

Proud people have something to prove. They are not content with who they are and feel the need to assert themselves, to convince people they are who they want to be. Insecure people have no capacity to be humble. When you confront a person for their lack of humility, you may be accurate, but that […]

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