Recharging of a Leader - Part I

For most of us, weekends begin on Thursday night – in the mind, that is. The week wears us down so much so that when Thursday arrives we are looking for anything to look forward to.

If you are like me you start reviewing the options. We think past the obligatory tasks of mowing the lawn, taking your kids to soccer, and so forth. We look forward to the dinner out, taking in a movie, going on a weekend trip, and so forth.

Yet, there is more that is needed in the proper refueling of a leader. It is most significant on weekends, but definitely as critical during weekdays. Recharging is needed from 8PM to bedtime, and Wake time till Work time. It is needed from Friday night until Sunday night.

I have used the word ‘proper‘ refueling because there is a bad recharge, a good recharge and a great recharge. I have searched long and hard to create a system that recharges me, my family and those I lead.

Make a list of what you normally do positively and negatively from Thursday evening to Sunday night. Create a ranking beside them to highlight how much each activity recharges you or drains you.

My goal is to help you become the most alive possible. Let’s begin.