Giving Up Your Rights to Be Right – The Power of an Apology

A week ago I lost my temper a bit on a phone call. I heard my self snap and throw out a sarcastic remark after I heard something I didn’t really like. As I pondered on the moment I felt bad about my own words but also continued to stew on the comments I heard, replaying them over and over again in my mind.

Anyone else do that?

I went to bed with a little emotional strain. The next morning I got up and decided to practice what I preach. I asked myself the question, “Why am I upset?” and realized that I was being touchy and that the other person was for me consistently. So, I wrote an apology email.

My strain went away immediately. The response on my email was sheer encouragement to me from my friend on the other end. Here is the fact:

When you give up your rights to be right and simply apologize for your actions you will gain an inner peace that comes with humility.

Whatever the response from the other person is icing on the cake.

Embrace the power of an apology. It is well worth it. Believe me, I have been doing it a lot lately. : )

Who are the people in your life that you need to apologize to? I suggest, for your best, you do it today.